Friday, February 08, 2008

Under Construction in beautiful Palm Springs, California!

My design for a small pool pavillion is under construction. Here are a few snapshots of my first structure to be built in Palm Springs. The design has evolved somewhat from the preliminary sketches, the columns were paired and moved to the sides to make a central more prominent bay, instead of three equal bays in the sketches. The idea was to be sympathetic to the adjacent house but have a seperate identity as well. What was originally presented as an open pavillion now has more enclosure, a small utility room now terminates the west(Mountain) side, where a full length mirror is slated to be installed. It should be a fine folly in the classical modern tradition- see my October 25th post for more theoretical discourse.

I always get a thrill out of seeing something I draw get built- My ouevre is small, but increasing, I have designed far more buildings than have been built, what designer hasn't ?I love drawing, so sometimes I can be creatively satisfied through sketching alone, atleast there I am unencombered by gravity! But I must confess there is a real "Man in possesion of the Earth" feeling seeing something built from my imagination. I must also express gratitude to my clients in this case who shall remain anonymous, they have been a joy to work with and to bounce ideas off of. So if anyone is looking for a starving undiscovered talent to tap send me an comment!

Happy New Year !

Started the new year by heading for Vegas yet again. We left on New Year's Day beating all the crowds and stopping at Barstow Big Boy along the way. The Barstow Bob's Big Boy was formerly a Harvey House Restraunt, and is still in great shape. Although not an original it had plenty of Googie charm and enough of a retro vibe.

I often wonder if the latest flirtation with modernism in the mass culture is just a fad or the emergence of a new accepted past style, a sort of Mid-20th century modern revival taking it's place along accepted past styles like Craftsman, Victorian, Colonial, etc. I sure hope so.

While in Vegas we stayed at the beautiful Las Vegas Hilton, formerly the International Hotel, former performing home of both Liberace and Elvis Presley ! Anybody who knows me is aware that I am a major fan of both and so was glad to see some bit of classic Vegas intact. While there my Father, an original Trekkie from 1966, myself a "2nd generation" Trekkie, and my son a "3rd generation" Trekkie partook of the Star Trek Experience as often as we could. Loads of fun as usual, can't get enough of that Star Trek: The Next Generation Enterprise Bridge set, oh and the Transporter effect is awesome, you really feel like you are beamed aboard! While we were there they were celebrating the Tenth anniversary of the attraction. Three guest stars were on hand for the occasion. The first was Lawerence Montaigne who played Romulan Sub-Commander Decius, in The Original Series episode "Balance of Terror", he also played S'Tonn the Vulcan who stole the heart of T'Pring; Spock's fiance/"Wife" from The Original Series Episode "Amok Time". My appologies but i don't recall her name but the actress who played the lone female "Blue Shirt" casulty of the aging syndrome in The Original Series epispode "The Deadly Years" was second. From Star Trek: The Next Generation, Voyager, and Enterprise Actress Susie Plakson, she played Vulcan Doctor Selar, and Klingon/Human Emissary Keh'Leyr mate of Lt. Worf and Mother to his only son Alexander, Q's wife from Voyager, and an Andorian from Enterprise. All three performers were extremely carming but at 20 bucks a head for a personalised item it was too pricey to get a souvenir from them.