Friday, June 23, 2006

An Introduction

Who am I? Why should you care about anything I have to say? I can only answer one of those questions. And you should care about what I say because... my name is Scott , Scott Kirk Cueto to be precise, and you must not forget the Kirk Cueto because like assasins all great Architects have three names. I have been urged by a close friend to blog, and I have resisted to do so for several reasons, but things change and now seems as good a time, probably the best time atleast for me to start.

Since the beginning of 2006 I have worked for a wonderful company that specializes in modern homes near Palm Springs. I act as a design coordinator making sure the houses are built to the spirit of Mid-Century Modernism, I'll talk more about that later. This isn't meant as a sales tool, and of course these are my opinions solely and in no way represent those of Modern Living Spaces or any of it's subsidiaries(now that is over with) it is just a way to chart the architectural journey I am on here as I design interiors of houses that I did not design and work on all new designs . I suppose I'll chart the progress of that here as well.

The title of my blog refers to a career guidance book I inherited from a library purge when I was in Junior High School. I went to a school built in 1967 and so everything in the library was state of the art to that year, by the time I came along in the early 90's this jewel stared at me from across the room, here you could draw all day, and make models all night, which frankly is what college was somewhat like. Of course the reality was a little bit different from the circa 67 book, and now everything is done on computers, but I continue to stand tall with my dixie cup ready to collect the water gushing through the dam as i remain committed to pencil, pen and t-square. This book extolled the virtues of the profession at the period in which I found myslf most drawn. I pursued other period books and became versed in Architecture at mid-20th century. My High School was built in 1959, and so of course all of the books there were state of the art 1959 . I found a book on Frank Lloyd Wright and that sealed the deal. It wasn't until 2006 that my passion for Mid-century combined with a client wanting the very same thing. So now armed with a passion for my work I can write about it. Although I'll warn that Architects are notoriously clunky writers and for that I apologize in advance, but hey I'll bet most writers would be hard pressed to design a house.

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