Tuesday, August 07, 2007

Posting resumed!

I have returned from self-imposed exile and hope to engage in regular posting. I have settled into my position at my "new" job and have been there now for going on 10 months, the same amount of time at Modern Living Spaces, so the fingers are crossed until I hit 12 months!

I like my position, and have picked up lots of computer skills, but in addition to becoming CAD literate, I am especially excited at the fusion of traditional and computer illustration skills. I take my hand sketches and import them into the computer where I render them in photoshop. Quite a 20th Century leap for this stone-knives and bear skins kind of guy. Our firm specializes in photo realistic digital models, but this is an expensive and time-consuming process especially in the early design stages. My sketching skills come in handy at those times when the design is still in flux.

I have not fully embraced technology. I have found that the hand drawing involves the observer in a way that engages their imagination and allows them to fill in the details of a design. This can be valuable as the digital model demands perfection and anything less the reality often hurts the presentation.

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