Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Another move !

We have moved to "the big city", well maybe not THE big city, but within sight of it. I finally made the move out of San Bernardino County. Except for a month spent in Paris I have never lived outside of the "I.E.", and I am happy to have made the leap. Our new home is in a very cozy apartment complex located 15 minutes from my job in the foothills above Uptown Whittier. Whittier is a medium size city founded by Quakers in the 1880's. It was the hometown of President (and former Vice-President) Richard M. Nixon , who although was born and laid to rest in Yorba Linda actually grew up here.

Don't tell anyone but Uptown Whittier is a really, really nice place to live, it is an undiscovered gem(except for those who live here) whose reputation is attached to the overall city of Whittier and it's proximity to the "East side" of Los Angeles; this probably keeps most people away. But the rents are more than reasonable for quiet spacious accomodations in the heart of the Los Angeles basin. We are now minutes from everything. When we lived in Alta Loma we were 30-60 minutes from everything. When we moved to Highland we were 30-60 minutes from being 30-60 minutes from everything. Now we are 15-30 minutes from everything, but more importantly I have gained atleast 90 minutes a day with my family that I used to spend in my car.

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