Monday, November 26, 2012

Yearly Update

I update this blog very infrequently, but I try to atleast do one post a year...and I often fail at that. I enjoy helping my son with his toy blog much more than keeping up on this one, but I suppose since they are linked together an occacional update should be posted here. It has been another good year, a year of work, family, and fun. We will soon be going on our fourth year in greater DC, and here is hoping the coming year will be another good one. This year saw several visits that should be(but dont hold me to it) documented further; my first visit to New York City, pictures from a visit to the spectacular Dulles Airport & the east building of the National Gallery of Art, and in a tangentially related field- a visit to the Hershey, PA Auto Show & Swap Meet. Wright called Architecture the mother art as it encompasses all other artistic fields- so I include the future posts of cars as related through the field of industrial design. I hope you'll tune in, and I hope I'll have something to tune to...

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